Chris Lorimer is a freelance stylist, writer and creative consultant based in Sydney, Australia.

Currently an Australian Fashion and Features Editor at Black Magazine (NZ), as a freelancer he has also contributed to and collaborated with:

Publications: 125 (UK), 1AM (Australia), Catalogue (Australia), Fashion Journal (Australia), Fashion Quarterly (NZ), Frankie (Australia), GQ Style (Germany), Jack (NZ), Oyster (Australia), Laud (Australia), Lab-A4 (Australia), PagesDigital (Australia), Pilot (NZ), Staple (NZ), SYN (UK), Vogue (Russia), Vulture (Singapore), Yen (Australia)

Clients: Aark Collective, Air New Zealand, AgResearch, Auckland Theatre Company, Barkers, Black Grace Dance Company, Chaos & Harmony, Columbine, Cybèle, Deutz, Diet Coca-Cola, Hanes, Jimmy D, Levi's, Local Supply, Mediaworks, NZ Fashion Museum, NZ Fashion Week, Stephen Marr, Sony, Young Henrys, Westpac


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